Privacy notice

This is a privacy statement and notice in accordance with the EU General Data Pro­tection Reg­u­lation. It tells you how we will process inform­ation we collect from you/​about you or that you provide to us. 

Name of the data register

JK Pub­lishing and Edu­cation Ltd’s cus­tomer data register


JK Pub­lishing and Edu­cation Ltd, Business ID: 2876289-1

Responsible data controller

Jaana Kiviluote, CEO

Purpose of the data register

The purpose of the register is to act as JK Pub­lishing and Edu­cation Ltd’s cus­tomer data register.

Data may be used for the fol­lowing purposes:

  • Cus­tomer relations
  • Pro­cessing orders

How we collect data

The main source of data is the cus­tomer them­selves. Data can also be obtained from public authority and business inform­ation registers as well as from joint partners.

What data we collect

The register mainly con­tains inform­ation provided by cus­tomers dir­ectly to JK Pub­lishing and Edu­cation Ltd.

The register may also contain the fol­lowing cus­tomer information:

  • Customer’s name
  • Email address
  • Tele­phone number
  • Address
  • Any other cus­tomer-provided information

Who we share data with

With the customer’s consent, data may be dis­closed to joint partners of the cus­tomer and JK Pub­lishing and Edu­cation Ltd in order to deliver the products and ser­vices ordered by the customer.

Billing data can be dis­closed to payment intermediaries.

Data will not be dis­closed to other third parties inside or outside the EU.

Data can be dis­closed to the author­ities if they present a request based on Finnish law.

How we store your information

Manual data

Data is not kept in a physical form, except for accounting, which is only accessible to certain employees and accountants of JK Pub­lishing and Edu­cation Ltd, who are bound by pro­fes­sional confidentiality. 

Data stored in information management systems

Data is trans­ferred over a secure SLL connection.

Elec­tronic data is pro­tected by a firewall. Only spe­cifically des­ig­nated JK Pub­lishing and Edu­cation Ltd employees have access to register data. Employees are iden­tified by a username and password. Data will be treated as con­fid­ential and will not be dis­closed to anyone other than those who need it in the course of their work, who are bound by pro­fes­sional confidentiality.

Your rights

The data subject has the right to request what data about them­selves has been stored in the data register. A written request must be sent to the responsible data controller.

A data request may be made free of charge up to once a year.

Data retention period

We retain per­sonal data only for as long as is necessary for the type of per­sonal inform­ation and the purpose for which it is processed.



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